Star Wars Pops in 2018 Master Post

We have a few new Pops that are coming our way in 2018, and so we decided to make a comprehensive list to make it easy for everyone to keep track of what is coming and when.

If it says TBA at the end of the row, it means that no information is currently available at this time. If there is a link available, you can click on the name of the pop to be taken to the placeholder/purchase page.

We will keep this list updated to keep a comprehensive list of what Pops are available throughout the year, so keep checking back!

Last Updated: February 22, 2018

Commons, available just about anywhere mid-January:

-Rose Tico (has Specialty Series sticker like Max Rebo but widely available)

-Vice Admiral Holdo

Pop Rides:

Luke on his X-Wing – Walmart exclusive, February 21

Chewbacca riding AT-ST – Common, no chase variant – March-April

Target Exclusives:

Holographic Kylo Ren Pop and Tee – January 5th

10″ Porg Pop – Early March, speculated to be in store only, brickseek info

Orange Resistance BB Unit – TBA

Walmart Exclusives:

Death Star 3-pack – February 21

Movie Moments: 

The Last Jedi Duel – TBA

Walgreens Exclusives: 

Podracing Young Anakin Skywalker – January 9

Hot Topic Exclusives: 

None yet!

Other Exclusives:

Padme – ECCC exclusive/ Game Stop exclusive – TBA

Pop Plush:

ECCC exclusive Ahsoka – Hot Topic – TBA


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