Holographic Darth Vader Dorbz On Sale Now

It looks like Funko has kept its promise to send more Star Wars Dorbz our way. 2018 starts with an old classic: Darth Vader, with a holographic twist. Considering the holographic Vader is a very much sought after piece in their Pop! line, it looks like they’re hoping to draw in a big crowd with this piece.

While it seems to bear a silver exclusive sticker, the bad news is that this piece is not glow in the dark, as many had speculated it would be. Due to its small 3″ size and the hefty price tag of 16.95 USD, the lack of glow in the dark capabilities may make it hard for some customers to swallow.

But for the gotta-catch-em-all collectors, Darth Vader is an iconic piece of Star Wars history that can’t be passed up. Click here to get yours at the Disney Store today, limit 5 to customer.

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