Episode IX Spoilers, Leaks and Rumors – Updated November 15

As filming for Episode IX begins, we’re going to be exposed to many different leaks and rumors concerning the film. Whether it comes to plot details or character arcs, it’s always fun to follow along and see if the predictions actually come to pass. While some early rumors pan out, most don’t (we never did get that Knights of Ren fight on Ahch-To, did we?)

Either way, it’s fun to look back and see what elements did make it into the film, and which leaks turned out to be legitimate. To simplify things, we’ll be making a list of the spoilers, leaks, and rumors along with the dates that they came out, so we can easily look back in December 2019 and see who really did have credible sources at Pinewood and who’s just been drinking a little too much blue milk.

So let’s begin!

November 15 – Oscar Isaac’s brother Mike rumored to have a cameo appearance in Episode IX

November 9 – ViewerAnon, who has made accurate claims before, claims that the word “Annihilation” will be used in the Episode IX title, although it is seen by many as a joke and not a serious leak

November 8 – Photos from The Star Wars Show show that the kyber crystal in Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber broke in half during The Last Jedi, which could force Rey to construct a new lightsaber, or at the very least, find a new crystal

November 5 – Matt Smith supposedly playing a Young Palpatine in Episode IX according to an anonymous source

October 28 – John Boyega hints at possible wielding a lightsaber again according to his reply to a fan tweet that’s up for interpretation

October 24 – Leaked set photo from Episode IX is NOT a leak – revealed to actually be from behind the scenes of the Pirates of the Caribbean set

October 8 – Shots of a film set from Wadi Rum, Jordan, hints Rey’s possible return to Jakku

October 2 – New structure being built at Pinewood Studios that might be related to Episode IX

September 28 – A disgruntled Hux grows frustrated with Kylo Ren and feeds information to the Resistance to undermine him

September 24 – Supposed leaked storyboard design reveals that Rey meets her parents, or has a vision of them, on the new jungle planet

September 20 – Andy Serkis cancelled his appearance at Keystone Comic Con, which fueled speculation that it’s due to Episode IX filming. Many suspect that he’ll return as a flashback, although there are no solid details to confirm that, or if the cancellation is related to Star Wars at all.

September 11 – Giant rock structures are being transported to the Black Park filming location

September 9 – Possible leak from Reddit:

So here’s the deal. My friend’s father is currently at Pinewood Studios working on, you guessed it, Episode IX, as a prop designer. Long story short my friends told me some stuff that his father told him about the film. If I were you, I would take these with half a grain of salt, because my friend jokes around quite a bit. But who knows?

  1. Firstly, IX will NOT be split into 2 parts. Apparently, the long filming schedule, which is being overly exaggerated by the press, is due to some actor’s busy schedules, and some more technically advanced scenes to film. Also the leaked date of filming wrapping includes their time shooting off studio apparently, on location.

  2. Some of the weaponry that has been designed for the film is very medieval, not Star Warsy at all. Supposedly this is due to the main storyline of the film, which is said to be very Seven Samurai-esque, having Poe and Finn travel to distant places, not that advanced, in the galaxy to recruit Resistance soldiers.

  3. On the other side of things, there has been some new weaponry, specifically multiple lightsabers that have popped up. This is going to be for the Knights of Ren, who are going to have a role in this film, serving as Kylo’s right-hand men, almost like the Black Order in IW. They have some lightsabers very reminiscent of the ones from Rebels, though these can very easily be for Rey or someone else.

  4. Finally, the rumors of having a Maz sail barge is true. They’ve designed some jewelry and drinkware that is going to be for it. Supposedly Lando is going to be introduced through this barge as well. No word on any Lando props though.

September 1 – Making Star Wars releases Black Park filming set jungle photos – possibly Batuu?

August 29 – Rumored casting call for a 27-35 year old actress described as “a younger Charlize Theron with street smarts and a sharp wit” and is open to any ethnicity to play supporting role in Episode IX

August 27 – Keri Russell is currently filming Episode IX in London and Greg Gunberg (AKA Snap Wexley of Black Squadron) mentioned at Fairfax Comic Con that he was heading to the UK to film things for Episode IX, (he has already hinted at his involvement when someone asked him about growing back his beard earlier this year) so this seems to put Keri Russell’s character most likely in the Resistance camp if they’re filming scenes together.

August 24 – 4LOM-LucasfilmSpy reports that the August 23rd photos are when Finn and Poe reunite with Chewbacca, who has been working with a paramilitary group led by Naomi Ackie’s character to build a resistance force. At their home base, she gives them information about how strong the First Order has become and how much control they have. The group then leaves to pick up Rose, who has made contact with Maz Kanata and Lando. They are held up in a pirates den that looks like something out of PotC but they all agreed that they don’t have the strength to take on the First Order alone. Finn, Poe, and Rose go off to try to enlist the help of the Hutt Cartel, and by the end of the first act, the Resistance has a “rag tag” army of droids, aliens, outcasts and criminals focused on wiping out the First Order (and Supreme Leader Ren!)

August 23 – First pictures of Poe, Finn, and the rest of the cast on set

August 22 – Millennium Falcon spotted at Black Park Episode IX set

August 8 – Mark Hamill teases possibly returning to filming on Instagram

August 8 – Youtube account Film Threat sets the Internet ablaze with rumors that Rey is really Han Solo and Qi’ra’s daughter


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  1. It is really nice you gathered all info and rumors for Episode IX in one page.

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