Episode IX Spoilers, Leaks and Rumors – Updated March 24

As filming for Episode IX begins, we’re going to be exposed to many different leaks and rumors concerning the film. Whether it comes to plot details or character arcs, it’s always fun to follow along and see if the predictions actually come to pass. While some early rumors pan out, most don’t (we never did get that Knights of Ren fight on Ahch-To, did we?)

Either way, it’s fun to look back and see what elements did make it into the film, and which leaks turned out to be legitimate. To simplify things, we’ll be making a list of the spoilers, leaks, and rumors along with the dates that they came out, so we can easily look back in December 2019 and see who really did have credible sources at Pinewood and who’s just been drinking a little too much blue milk.

So let’s begin!

If you’re looking for only official news announcements from only official sources that aren’t too spoilery, make sure to click here!

March 24 – According to the Making Star Wars “Now This is Podcasting” episode 266, it’s possible that there will be some sort of blue ape or monkey in Episode IX. It’s also possible that C-3PO’s memories are part of the MacGuffin that everyone’s talking about. Tantive IV might be a part of it, and they might have to go to Tantive IV in order to find fragments of C-3PO’s memory that was wiped, which will lead them to something else. This could be something to do with how everyone keeps talking about how this is the “close” of the Skywalker saga and how it ties together the previous installments.

March 20 – Mark Hamill’s Force ghost has a beard, according to his interview on Jimmy Kimmel

March 9 – One more update, more of a clarification of what was seen/heard in yesterday’s footage: IX footage included quick shots of all the main characters: Poe, Finn, Rey, then Kylo looking down and then we see he is looking at a container of some kind opening to reveal it has Vader’s helmet inside. Rey says “It’s too dangerous, I’m going alone.” Poe then says “We’re going together.” We see Poe, Rey, Finn and Chewbacca [another source stated that they did not see Chewbacca] all settling into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Star Wars Episode IX only had a behind the scenes reel with many shots including one of the Tantive IV, Lando and a new Droid next to BB-8 that looks like a megaphone on a wheel – confirming a recent character design leak.

March 8 – Scott Ladewig took to Twitter after the shareholder meeting and described some of the Episode IX footage he remembered seeing as best he could. It seemed to be a mix of behind the scenes footage, as well as scenes from the actual film.

  • Replying to @Ladewig @sleemo_We saw a blockade runner in an abandoned looking hangar. An explosion knocking Stormtroopers in a starship hangar bay. Kylo Ren in a white room looking at the Vader helmet. Rey, Finn, Poe in Falcon cockpit.

  • Lando briefly. Rey with Chewie’s bowcastet. Finn in some abandoned looking ship interior.

  • So @dizparks just reminded me that we saw a marketplace (?) scene with Rey walking through and some aliens.

  • He was in a room like in the rebel Blockade runner style, that bright white. And he’s looking down as a box or container opens to reveal the charred Vader helmet.

  • Kylo is not wearing a helmet.

  • Nothing like that [re: KoR footage]

  • Going to guess no [the scar is not different] but the scene goes by so quick I couldn’t really say. It’s all so overwhelming to take it all in.

  • Her hair looks pretty much the same as in the previous film.I think it was up in most scenes, but it went by so fast I may have missed it.

  • We only saw him [Kylo] in one scene and he looked pretty much the same as far as I can recall.

  • Oh wait! I just remembered…  A really cool clip of Daisy doing wire work, jumping and turning a somersault high up in the air with a lightsaber.

  • [someone pots a picture of vader meditation chamber] Ohhh, that’s very possible…… I hadn’t thought of that.

  • So a suggestion the white room we saw Kylo in could be harkening back to Vader’s meditation chamber. That’s not a bad idea.

  • Yes, pretty sure on the behind the scenes we see her doing wire work with a saber in hand I think. Not in the finished footage that I can recall but I could have missed it.

  • Hmmm.. he [Kylo] didn’t look sad so much as he looked pained.Looked like he was having a bad day.

  • [someone pointing out Kylo always looks pained] Good point, maybe it was just his resting Kylo face.

  • That sure sounds like it [re: white room = white ship confirmed] I’ll admit I haven’t kept up with the rumors myself.

  • Poe walked into the cockpit to join the others; Rey was in the pilot seat.

  • Rey’s clothes: The one I remember was light colored almost white in a similar fashion to what she was wearing previously It’s what she’s wearing in the photo on this tweet I believe.

  • Somebody asked me earlier if we saw a new character in the Ep IX , and I didn’t recall, but we actually did see a glimpse of someone new who appeared to be riding some animal (?). Guessing it was Naomi Ackie’s character.

  • I don’t think we saw enough in context to really judge that, but what I saw looked like Star Wars if you know what I mean. Daisy as Rey looked great.

  • Oh I was thinking animals like Banthas lol, sorry. Yeah nothing stood out, but it was your common Tatooine or Jakku type outfits.

Another Twitter user:

  • when asked about dialog in the footage @crerrity @Ladewig @sleemo_ Almost none, just some saying we go together or in this together from Rey, Poe, Finn.

  • No, it was more of like wooden stands an a number of characters in your classic alien Star Wars character outfits. Did look sandy though. [when shown batuu image]

Lando details from Scott and another Twitter user:

  • I think he was on the Falcon, just quick view of him from shoulders up. @dizparks Lando was on the Falcon right?

  • That’s correct, he was on the Falcon. It looked like it was his first time back on it by how he kind of touched the wall.

  • yesterday people asked about Lando and whether he was wearing yellow and/or a cape. @disparks and I just remembered him wearing purple. But… After seeing a photo someone shared of him with a yellow shirt and the dark cape, the dark cape would have been all we could see in the clip because it was form the shoulders up and form the side.

  • We did not see Chewie, R2, or 3PO [on falcon]. We did see BB-8 in some scenes.

  • Like a wedge shape head or something? [in response to whether he saw D0)]

March 7 – Reporter Emily Zemler interviewed Matt Smith, who said he is NOT actually in Episode IX. “As far as I can tell, I’m definitely not.” Variety reported that he was but his announcement was never official. Dominic Monaghan was also never officially announced, although he has confirmed that he will be in it.

March 1 – In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Scott Trowbridge teased red Stormtroopers, a new “elite” kind of Stormtrooper called the 709th, the Red Fury, which may be part of Episode IX since they are described as an elite First Order squad.

February 26 – BespinBulletin shared the rumor that someone saw Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing or possibly an A-Wing in the UK, possibly to be used for Episode IX

February 23 – Making Star Wars’ Now, This is Podcasting! Episode 263 podcast reveals some interesting information. Props to Godxon for putting it all together:

Planets & Locations

  • Jason heard again that Jordan was used as a filming location for two planets.

  • One of them looks like Tatooine.

  • Lars homestead was reportedly built in Pinewood.

  • Tatooine is reportedly at the end of the movie.

  • It looks like a small Ahch-to set was built in Pinewood too.

  • The second Jordan planet could be named Pazama or something like that. Jason doesn’t know the exact spelling and Pazama is just my transcription.

  • There’s a miners/fish market looking town. The whole town was built in Pinewood (so maybe it’s the biggest set we heard about). Snowtroopers were there and snow special effects were used there.

  • Also, there is a droid factory on the miners/fish market set. It’s an easter egg heaven – robot from Bad Robot logo is hidden there, John Williams’ scores are somehow hidden there, few battle droids from The Phantom Menace, etc.

  • Kylo supposedly goes to a dark looking castle to get his helmet fixed in the movie – but this could be BS, because he also heard earlier that Knights of Ren fixed his helmet. There’s some monkey looking creature on this set.

  • Kylo was a part of the swamp planet (Black Park) stuff. Kylo’s pulling and throwing some Resistance soldiers, but he’s probably separated from the main battle on that planet.


  • Jason heard about the young Luke & Leia training flashback. Billie Lourd might have been a stand-in for CGI.

  • Jason seconds info about Keri Russell’s character from this leak. She might have been on the snow planet, but Jason says he could be wrong about it.

  • Knight of Ren’s weapons aren’t the same as in The Force Awakens. They look like medieval weapons with Star Wars features. They look visually neat.

  • Jason doesn’t know if any of the TFA’s KoR is in IX.


  • There’s some really black TIE.

  • Luke’s X-wing was on some set. Jason doesn’t know if it’s the ROTJ one or a different one.

  • Kylo supposedly has a new ship. It’s white with red and black details. It has some cool gadgets.

  • Supposedly Vader’s helmet is on that ship.

  • Jason heard that Falcon is on a fire at some point.

  • There’s an orange X-wing with R2 unit in it. His source doesn’t think it’s Poe Dameron’s.

  • Supposedly Rey has Luke’s X-wing helmet.

  • There was supposedly a massive ship on the Cardington set. The final battle with zero gravity was probably filmed there.


  • Jason’s gotten info to suggest the MacGuffin changes, going from one thing which leads to something else, and that it ends up revealing the big secret of the movie.

February 19 – A “trusted source” has dropped some interesting details on Reddit, possibly including the rumored MacGuffin

  • Luke and Leia appear in multiple flashbacks, including at least one scene where Leia is being trained or is discussing Jedi training with Luke. The outcome of the training is uncertain. It is also unclear if Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill filmed these scenes and will be de-aged, or if they are portrayed by younger actors and CG’d like Leia and Tarkin in Rogue One. My source has heard nothing about about Han appearing in any flashbacks.
  • Leia’s role as Resistance leader is being said to be of a similar in size to her TFA role, perhaps even smaller, though her flashback scenes make her seem more present in the film. No confirmation on whether Leia lives or dies in the film.
  • There are solid red First Order Troopers, yet their role is unclear at this point in time.
  • Nien Nunb appears in an identical costume from the previous films and has a larger role than either TFA or TLJ.
  • The Knights of Ren do appear and each have a distinct weapon of choice as has been previously seen in TFA and the concept art for that film.
    • We don’t have any confirmation that the any of the Knights previously seen in TFA will or won’t be appearing in IX.
  • Keri Russell’s character is a bounty hunter with an allegiance that is unclear to my source. Keri’s character wears a purple (nearly magenta) jumpsuit with bronze/gold accessories, including an elongated helmet.
    • Think about a fancier version of Zam Wesell and my source says that will get you pretty close.
  • Naomi Ackie’s character is supposedly Finn’s sister.
    • Moderator’s note: This point was presented to my source as factual like all the other parts of this post, but I believe it might be wise to take this one with a grain of salt until other sources can corroborate this particular bit of information.
  • C-3PO has a scene where he holds military gear. It’s unclear whether he actually fires any weapons though.
    • My source doesn’t recall exact details but 3PO appeared to have a bag or net (not unlike the Ewok trap net) and what he/she believes to be Chewie’s bowcaster.

February 19 – Trailer rumored to drop in April (meaning it will most likely drop at Celebration) and be attached to Avengers: Endgame in theatres

February 15 – This is official news, but it’s worth mentioning here too that filming for Episode IX has officially wrapped according to JJ’s Twitter post as well as posts from several other cast and crew members

February 14 – According to Fantha Tracks, the Millennium Falcon will look a bit different, including a new style sensor array dish

February 12 – Drawing from the new MSW podcast, SorryNotSpartacus put together a neat list of highlights:

  • Jason has not heard anything about all the KOR being women (and personally that seems unlikely though some may be)
  • Jason believes the red and black stormtroopers also come from the Beyond with the KOR, meaning that they might be primarily loyal to the KOR despite technically being Kylo’s and the KOR’s
  • Jason has heard that some of the KOR are force users, but some are not, bringing together the various rumors we have had that we should not assume Force powers of the KOR.
  • Jason hasn’t gotten the term sith stormtrooper confirmed, so it may well just be a nickname on set (recall that BB-9E was called BB-H8). No indication they can use the force. He personally doubts they can.
  • Really the main thing Jason has been told about the MacGuffin is that it’s controversial. One person who is balanced and hands off fandom did say that it was delightful, but the repeated word has been controversial, from people who get the fandom more. When Jason said that this was pretty usual for fandom, they said that many of the things in TLJ did not strike them as controversial. This, however, does.
  • He has not gotten any bites on it being something like Vader’s lightsaber (which doesn’t reject it, but for what it’s worth)
  • Jason knows they shot promotional stuff in Jordan; he doesn’t think Rose was there though doesn’t know. (I would guess it might be hard to find out, and especially if they filmed some Jordan stuff on set, this might not be very relevant).
  • Jason says he’s seen some images of the IX script and it seems longer than usual. Does later say that given the improv nature of what we have been hearing, it’s possible they’re just gunning for it and planning on cutting down later.
  • Jason confirms that he’s heard Dominic is a Resistance leader
  • Jason seconds the idea of Jordan having been possibly used for two planets (which per The Great TB Scandal of ’19, matches previous info)

February 9 – The Reddit user Xyzsvtabc posted on December 2nd information about Kylo’s helmet and BB-8’s droid buddies that has seemingly been verified by a concept art and costume photos, seen here.

February 9 – BespinBulletin reported that Kylo doesn’t wear his helmet in the second half of the film

February 5 – Filming in Black Park wrapped according to this Instagram post

February 3 – A source at the Art Institute of Chicago said people from the Star Wars set were interested in medieval armor and weaponry from the High Middle Ages and the Viking Age, which may have influenced the aesthetic of the Knights of Ren

January 23 – Another new leak by Temiriblagg1, although most seems like speculation:

The following is raw facts free of speculation.

  • Hooded Poe and Finn. Are in a street scene

  • this was inside pinewood studios

  • there were several large animatronic creatures around

  • the scene featured many extras

  • there is another set that was a large set described like the cantina from a new hope

  • there were many alien extras

  • (Naomi Ackie) Vera engages several in a fight and somewhat of a bar fight breaks out

  • Vera is then with Poe and Finn

  • Stormtroopers arrive and there is a chase

  • Vera is with members of her group

  • Chewie arrives on the set later on

  • Those horses were on set

Now this is what I gather, this is the speculation sub is it not?:

  • This is the First the audience sees of Finn and Poe in IX

  • Poe and Finn are sent undercover to speak with Vera Calrissian after being sent by her father.

  • They fins her throughout the fight scene

  • Stormtroopers who occupy the city and patrol come in and the heroes need to fight their way out

  • The chase is the Stormtroopers coming after them and more of Veras group engage them

  • Chewbacca also joins the fray

  • They escape and make their way to Vera’s base where (Domenic Monaghan) Arvyl is introduced

  • what I don’t understand is how they end up with General Hux?????

January 19 – An update on the last Reddit post by /u/SorryNotSparticus, concerning the previous rumors posted on January 17:

  • The user clearly has some details correct. I can verify that someone I spoke to also believes Jordan, for example, to have served as two separate planets. I can also verify that they believed Tatooine to be a set, and that it was a place we have seen before (not Hutts). I can verify that Mark has likely shot with Daisy, and that Kylo’s helmet use definitely at least decreases significantly in the second half of the film.
  • Beyond raw info like that is where things start to get fuzzy, and sometimes even the raw info is I think, based on the sources I know, wrong too.
  • For example: The user states that Keri Russell and Mark Hamill filmed scenes together. That I cannot confirm or deny–I simply don’t know. What I do know given the people I was under the impression Mark filmed with: I am not sure how there would be time. He has not filmed a lot to my knowledge. Mark roughly implied a week in one interview. One crewman in fact seemed certain that he had not filmed period as of January, just had been visiting set often as he is known to do. Conflicting evidence on this leads me to wonder whether Mark is simply providing a Force bond sort of presence on set but is meant to be voicing the role later, or filming his coverage in a different CG way to be done later in the production.
  • The user also expresses a certain reveal is true, one that would involve heavy flashbacks. It is true that to my knowledge that Luke is involved in a lot of flashback/dream/vision sort of stuff (people have been unclear exactly how all of it will be used in the final product). A crew member also indeed seemed to think there might be a scene of Luke arriving on Ahch-To. But at least one crew guy heavily implied it would not be Mark during those scenes. The implication to me seemed that it was a younger actor playing a younger Luke–which would mean that it would not be Mark and Keri during those scenes at all. While a younger Luke might explain more the timeline of the rumor I have seen running around, it’s so far off the map of what the user claims to know that I have to assume he’s again either speculating wildly based off some facts he knows, or simply repeating word for word something he heard from a crew member, one who may be just speculating themselves or be pulling his leg.
  • I’d advise people to recall two things: 1. How no one but above the line talent and high up essential crew are likely to truly understand the context of what they are seeing/have heard about, and 2: How even MSW who has been fairly reliable and pulls from many of the same people has often been wildly wrong because a good source couldn’t help but speculate wildly.

January 17 – Reddit user Temiriblagg1 posted a treasure trove of leaks, said to be from crew members around the Pinewood set:

The following is news that I have accumulated from various sources around the pinewood set, this comes from crew members from the area

  • Domenic Monaghan’s rebel character is named Arvyl – his character initially did not make it past the second act but he has been confirmed to appear late in the film

  • there is a Duros character who has prominence within the resistance

  • Kelly Marie Tran isn’t so much in the action as much as the last Jedi. She is however involved in an action sequence alongside Finn at some point

  • Hux is not involved in the latter of the film. Not to say he dies early, but his power position is diminished and he is not a primary antagonist

  • Richard E Grant plays a tyrannical First Order general

  • the Knights of Ren are certainly in the film and their screen time is surprisingly lengthy – Matt Smith is said to have been on set dressed in dark robes and holding a lightsaber prop

  • Kylo has his helmet re forged but is more often helmetless in the latter half

  • Ben pilots the falcon

  • Keri Russell is involved with Luke’s storyline


  • Luke is involved in a flashback scene with Han and Leia wherein Ben is dropped off for training to a young Luke – an 8 year old Ben was cast and he will have a talk with Luke about wanting to be a Jedi and a guardian of the good in the galaxy

  • Luke has shot scenes with both Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver

  • Rey visits Tattooine

EDIT: Poe also flies the falcon, alongside Naomi Ackie’s Vera Calrissian, I forgot about that tidbit. Have a great day/night

January 15 – John Boyega shared on his Instagram page a picture of bloody hands. He captioned the photo, “Great day working on set!! The whole team pushed themselves today to achieve something visually crazy! I’ve had many moments of shock on set but not like today and I can’t wait until you know why #FN2187” The mention of his old Stormtrooper designation has led to speculation that Finn will be involved in the beginning of the Stormtrooper uprising that was cut from The Last Jedi.

January 15 – Fantha Tracks has reported that shooting has moved to Cardington Sheds, which has been used as the exterior of Yavin IV base in A New Hope and Rogue One. Horses have also been seen on location there.

Considering Yavin IV is the home planet of Poe Dameron, it’s possible that the Resistance might have a base set up there after their headquarters on D’Qar was destroyed in The Last Jedi. 

December 29 – A Reddit user with a friend at Pinewood says they possibly saw Caluan Ematt, played by Andrew Jack, at the Pinewood swamp sequence, dressed in a Resistance uniform

December 28 – Todd Fisher explains that unused footage of Carrie from the last two films will be woven into Episode IX in a way that seems extremely natural, saying, “This is unused, new content that could be woven into the storyline. That’s what’s going to give everybody such a great kick. It’s going to look like it was meant to be. Like it was shot yesterday.”

December 26 – Although not generally a credible source, The Sun announced that UK chef Jamie Oliver has secured a cameo as a Stormtrooper in Episode IX

December 22 – John Boyega confirms that Episode IX will take place one year after the events of The Last Jedi (although John later posted on Twitter that he doesn’t remember saying that in the interview)

December 20 – Prompted by a whirlwind of rumors, Natalie Portman says she has no knowledge of her reprising her role as Padme Amidala for Episode IX

December 20 – A Reddit user reported that filming will be happening in a large pool at the studio involving Resistance troops coming out of the water and preparing to ambush First Order forces, which were also being attacked by a “large bat like prosthetic creature.”

December 18 – It’s rumored something is going to be revealed before the end of the year – it seems too early for a trailer, but it seems something related to Episode IX will drop before the year’s out

December 18 – Making Star Wars reports that a swamp battle between the First Order and the Resistance is being filmed at Black Park. The Resistance fighters seem to be dressed in camo fatigues similar to Endor, but no main characters were seen on set.

December 15 – A Reddit user claimed to have light spoilers from marketing describing the outfits of different characters involved: Kylo has yellow eyes, Leia wears red, BB-8 has a green disguise, and the Knights of Ren are all women. There is no credible source to back any of this up, but it’s fun to read if you like to speculate which seems to be all that this is.

December 9 – John Boyega posts a small behind the scenes video of him filming on set on his Instagram
UPDATE: It looks like this video is not part of Episode IX, but an ad campaign he’s shooting for Cisco. Thanks to our commenter below for the heads up!

December 7 – Ed Sheeran is possibly making a cameo as a Stormtrooper in Episode IX

December 6 – Oscar Isaac’s brother continues to hint about his possible involvement with Episode IX

December 5 – Possible title and teaser coming before the end of the year (although personally I feel that this is just “hype” and they’ll wait until Star Wars Celebration for the official reveal)

December 5 – Kevin Smith visited the Episode IX set and said that he saw things from across all of the movies, that it was the biggest movie set he had ever seen, that he saw the best performance of someone’s career and that he cried…a lot.

December 3 – According to a Reddit user viewing the Pinewood Studio through a satellite noticed what appears to be a big jungle stage built in the paddock tank where they filmed part of Takodana for The Force Awakens. There is a lot of greenery and possibly a small lake. These details are absent in a satellite image taken weeks prior.

December 3 – Someone on Reddit said that they have information that the Knights of Ren are confirmed, but there’s no official source to back that up, but fits with what another poster described about a scene being filmed at Pinewood involving smoke, atmospheric effects, firearms, sword fighting, and masked figures.

December 3 – A Reddit user stated that Rey’s costume is described as less Jedi like and more neutral in color, more “tactical.” The three plot lines will center around Poe and Finn on a mission, Rey and Rose going on an “adventure” and the last thread would be from Kylo’s perspective trying to keep the First Order following his command

December 2 – A poster on Reddit said that during a marketing meeting, they discussed several things about Episode IX, mainly that BB-8 has a droid buddy, Rey and Kylo will have a big showdown at the end of the film, and that Kylo’s mask has been reforged with red filling in through the cracks. They also stated that Rey’s lightsaber will be remade, but it will not be shown on screen. FEBRUARY 9 UPDATE: This leak has seemingly been verified by the costume reference photos and concept art seen here.

November 28 – Anthony Daniel posts on his Twitter about filming in Pinewood and Wadi Rum

November 21 – Jeremy Conrad wrote on his Twitter that there will be no Episode IX teasers until April, saying, “There are reasons why it’s too soon to show stuff.” April coincides with Star Wars Celebration, which many have speculated will be the time Lucasfilm announces both the title of Episode IX and reveals the first glimpses of footage.

November 18 – A promo video for a ride called “Rise of the Resistance” in Disney’s new Galaxy’s Edge park shows that the Resistance fleet after The Last Jedi will compromise of a new Mon Calamari cruiser, more Starfortresses, and two Nebulon C Frigates (at the very least). Matt Martin of the Lucasfilm Story Group has said that all events in the park’s story are canon, and take place after The Last Jedi.

November 17 – According to Reddit user Garniel, he was showed recorded phone clips of Rey and Chewie being tossed into the air after an explosion (with a green screen in the background) and Finn and another male (possibly Poe) in an almost identical shot, without a green screen. Rey appeared to be in a similar costume to the one she wore in The Force Awakens and also had shots of her doing solo running, jumping, and swinging, with a lit blue lightsaber. He took interesting photos of the clean up of the Jordan set as well, which finished wrapping a few days ago, according to his contact.

November 15 – Oscar Isaac’s brother Mike rumored to have a cameo appearance in Episode IX

November 9 – ViewerAnon, who has made accurate claims before, claims that the word “Annihilation” will be used in the Episode IX title, although it is seen by many as a joke and not a serious leak

November 8 – Photos from The Star Wars Show show that the kyber crystal in Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber broke in half during The Last Jedi, which could force Rey to construct a new lightsaber, or at the very least, find a new crystal

November 5 – Matt Smith supposedly playing a Young Palpatine in Episode IX according to an anonymous source

October 28 – John Boyega hints at possible wielding a lightsaber again according to his reply to a fan tweet that’s up for interpretation

October 24 – Leaked set photo from Episode IX is NOT a leak – revealed to actually be from behind the scenes of the Pirates of the Caribbean set

October 8 – Shots of a film set from Wadi Rum, Jordan, hints Rey’s possible return to Jakku

October 2 – New structure being built at Pinewood Studios that might be related to Episode IX

September 28 – A disgruntled Hux grows frustrated with Kylo Ren and feeds information to the Resistance to undermine him

September 24 – Supposed leaked storyboard design reveals that Rey meets her parents, or has a vision of them, on the new jungle planet

September 20 – Andy Serkis cancelled his appearance at Keystone Comic Con, which fueled speculation that it’s due to Episode IX filming. Many suspect that he’ll return as a flashback, although there are no solid details to confirm that, or if the cancellation is related to Star Wars at all.

September 11 – Giant rock structures are being transported to the Black Park filming location

September 9 – Possible leak from Reddit:

  • So here’s the deal. My friend’s father is currently at Pinewood Studios working on, you guessed it, Episode IX, as a prop designer. Long story short my friends told me some stuff that his father told him about the film. If I were you, I would take these with half a grain of salt, because my friend jokes around quite a bit. But who knows?
  • Firstly, IX will NOT be split into 2 parts. Apparently, the long filming schedule, which is being overly exaggerated by the press, is due to some actor’s busy schedules, and some more technically advanced scenes to film. Also the leaked date of filming wrapping includes their time shooting off studio apparently, on location.
  • Some of the weaponry that has been designed for the film is very medieval, not Star Warsy at all. Supposedly this is due to the main storyline of the film, which is said to be very Seven Samurai-esque, having Poe and Finn travel to distant places, not that advanced, in the galaxy to recruit Resistance soldiers.
  • On the other side of things, there has been some new weaponry, specifically multiple lightsabers that have popped up. This is going to be for the Knights of Ren, who are going to have a role in this film, serving as Kylo’s right-hand men, almost like the Black Order in IW. They have some lightsabers very reminiscent of the ones from Rebels, though these can very easily be for Rey or someone else.
  • Finally, the rumors of having a Maz sail barge is true. They’ve designed some jewelry and drinkware that is going to be for it. Supposedly Lando is going to be introduced through this barge as well. No word on any Lando props though.

September 1 – Making Star Wars releases Black Park filming set jungle photos – possibly Batuu?

August 29 – Rumored casting call for a 27-35 year old actress described as “a younger Charlize Theron with street smarts and a sharp wit” and is open to any ethnicity to play supporting role in Episode IX

August 27 – Keri Russell is currently filming Episode IX in London and Greg Gunberg (AKA Snap Wexley of Black Squadron) mentioned at Fairfax Comic Con that he was heading to the UK to film things for Episode IX, (he has already hinted at his involvement when someone asked him about growing back his beard earlier this year) so this seems to put Keri Russell’s character most likely in the Resistance camp if they’re filming scenes together.

August 24 – 4LOM-LucasfilmSpy reports that the August 23rd photos are when Finn and Poe reunite with Chewbacca, who has been working with a paramilitary group led by Naomi Ackie’s character to build a resistance force. At their home base, she gives them information about how strong the First Order has become and how much control they have. The group then leaves to pick up Rose, who has made contact with Maz Kanata and Lando. They are held up in a pirates den that looks like something out of PotC but they all agreed that they don’t have the strength to take on the First Order alone. Finn, Poe, and Rose go off to try to enlist the help of the Hutt Cartel, and by the end of the first act, the Resistance has a “rag tag” army of droids, aliens, outcasts and criminals focused on wiping out the First Order (and Supreme Leader Ren!)

August 23 – First pictures of Poe, Finn, and the rest of the cast on set

August 22 – Millennium Falcon spotted at Black Park Episode IX set

August 8 – Mark Hamill teases possibly returning to filming on Instagram

August 8 – Youtube account Film Threat sets the Internet ablaze with rumors that Rey is really Han Solo and Qi’ra’s daughter


3 thoughts on “Episode IX Spoilers, Leaks and Rumors – Updated March 24

  1. It is really nice you gathered all info and rumors for Episode IX in one page.

    But all the info is in a page “buried” in August 2018 archives, although it is updated on a regular basis. Perhaps you could put a link of it in the front page , like the one you did for the Last Jedi movie review (or you could replace TLJ movie review with the link for this page. It is an awful film anyway).

    Thank you for keeping us informed!

  2. I hate to disappoint you, but the video John posted on insta today is not from IX. I wish it was, but it’s from the ad campaign he’s shooting for Cisco Systems.
    Still of interest, Finn is definitely keeping his longer hair in IX.

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