Canto Bight – Exclusive Excerpt

As we get closer to The Last Jedi, we’re beginning to find out more and more about the other planets that we’re going to see, and one of the most interesting is Canto Bight. Shown heavily in the behind the scenes footage, we haven’t seen too much of the planet from the two posted trailers, which probably means that there’s something interesting happening that they want to keep under wraps. Could this be linked to the identity of the elusive D.J., played by Benicio Del Toro? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, we may get some answers when the hardcover book Canto Bight drops on December 5th. While we’re unlikely to get much information concerning what Rose, Finn, and BB-8 are doing on the planet, we are likely to be exposed to its affluent history and culture, as the book has been described as a “collection of four interconnected novella-length adventures of the exotic aliens and creatures who frequent the locale.” It’ll be interesting to see how the “upper class” live and what role they play during the clash between the First Order and the Resistance. Will at least some be willing to provide some financial backing to the Resistance, or are they content to throw their credits away on Fathier racing? The book may provide at least some clues before The Last Jedi drops on December 14th.

But if you just can’t wait until December, the good folks at have released a small excerpt to keep us satiated in the meantime. You can read the excerpt for yourself by clicking here.

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